911 Emergency request to Legislature to survey patients/staff regarding State Hospital conditions

California State Legislature: 9/17/20, dshabuse.org, sent an emergency blast voicemail to 118 State Senate and Assembly offices calling for a statewide survey of all California Department of State Hospital patients and staff. For at least a decade the Legislature and the Governor have ignored credible cries for help from patients, staff, and police which have never resulted in meaningful audits or legislative analyst reports of DSH operations. At the August 12, 2020, Senate Rules Committee hearing for Stephanie Clendenin, Director of State Hospitals, Senator Roth and other members promised to investigate conditions within DSH, and utilize tools available to the legislature to accomplish this task.

Dshabuse.org has published stunning audio on this YouTube channel of police/staff/patients making stunning allegations of conditions inside of state mental health facilities, conditions of which should not be going on inside of mental health facilities. Dshabuse.org also has hours of audio which cannot be published publicly which investigators have never listened to. A statewide survey of all patients and staff will divulge similarly stunning and shocking information, as well as corroborate and validate this information as a prerequisite for any action/investigation the legislature may take. Anyone who opposes such a survey at this point, does not want to know the truth, or is protecting corrupt people in power within DSH.

An equally egregious issue is that the Office of Patient Rights, has failed to protect the patients it is contracted to protect. In this audio is a voicemail which was left for Andy Imparato, Executive Director, for the Office of Patient Rights, confronting him about this issue, and imploring him about the necessity to conduct a statewide survey  about the desperation which the patients feel regarding their abuse and the fact that the Office of Patient Rights has failed to protect them from that abuse.

Finally, this audio is a dire warning to the Legislature and the world that a statewide survey of patients and staff in the California Department of State Hospitals must be conducted immediately. Failure to do so will result in more lives being lost, more patients being abused, and more whistleblowers being silenced.

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