[2/2] (Marco Godoy) Atascadero patient describes abuse and fear at State Hospital – (032220)

-DSH-Atascadero: Marco Godoy, describes in this follow up #2/2 interview how staff at Atascadero State Hospital, were PENAL CODE SECTION 2684 patients are housed from state prison, watched handicap patients wash themselves on their hands and knees with cups of water and a broken American with disabilities (ADA) shower stall for over 3 months. This went on even after the population of handicapped patients in wheelchairs rose to a population of 18 on his unit when there was a bed realignment to create a Coronavirus quarantine unit. Marco described months of complaints to the unit supervisor, and Program Director, which were ignored because they claimed they could not obtain a part. An alternative shower was available in a seclusion area, however, it was not used because it would have been inconvenient for staff. Furthermore, Marco describes that the Office of Patient Rights is of no assistance to patients when it comes to filing complaints and he has never seen them come to the unit to help with these sorts of issues. Marco stated that he filed complaints with supervisors in spite of his fear of being sent back to prison.

(Update July 5,2020: This file can now be released as Marco Godoy has been sent back to prison. There are grave systemic and operational deficiencies which have been under investigation by dshabuse.org for several months. This audio file is one of many that is now being released regarding Atascadero State Hospital, and more will be posted on this channel in the next few days. DSH-Atascadero is severely miss managed by Jason Black, Executive Director , and many others. The Senate Rules Committee made a big mistake when it confirmed Pam Ahlin and Stephanie Clendenin on August 26,2015, Director positions for DSH. Stirling Price is also responsible for the current widespread abusive conditions of the PC 2684 population, and he was recently promoted to DSH Headquarters as Chief Deputy Director of State Hospitals. Multiple attempts have been made to bring this to the attention of Senator Bill Monning, as well as his press secretary, Annie Frew, and they have shown little interest. Senator Holly Mitchell was promised by Pam Ahlin and Stephanie Clendenin during there confirmation hearing that they would lead DSH in a new direction. dshabuse.org has acquired substantial information which it believes requires the attention of Governor Gavin Newsom and federal investigative authorities. Atascadero was previously under federal oversight for serious operational deficiencies as evidenced by a letter dated May,2,2006 written to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger from the U.S. Department of Justice Several Right Division. dshabuse.org has uncovered that many of the issues identified by the U.S Department of Justice are once again occurring behind the walls at Atascadero State Hospital. In the past several weeks’ multiple phone calls have been made to the office of Law Enforcement support, Senator Holly Mitchell, Senator Richard Pan, Senator Anna Caballero, Senator Nielsen, Senate Sergeants, Lisa Tillman, Drew Soderborg, Angela Bartosik(Chief Deputy Public Defender for San Diego County), Michael Freedman(PC2684 Attorney), Michael Bien(PC2684 Attorney), Jeremiah Wattenburger(Senate Sergeants), Sean Whalen(Senate Sergeants), Katrina Rodriguez(Senate Sergeants), Gavin Newsom(Governor of California) and others making them aware of the fact that dshabuse.org was requesting to conference with them on the issues and evidence it had uncovered. As of today, these entities have been nonresponsive )

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