118 California Legislatures notified about dshabuse.org launch

8/31/20: 118 California State Legislatures notified about the launch of dshabuse.org through a blast voice message, and that this website will be the go-to platform for information on systemic and operational deficiencies in the California Department of State Hospitals. Furthermore, these legislators were advised that patients in at least 3 state facilities are currently being abused in unspeakable ways and nobody is investigating, nor is there anybody available to investigate that can be trusted to protect some of the patient cases that DSHABUSE is currently aware of due to police and management corruption. In addition, many patients and staff lives are currently in danger because COVID-19 protocols are not being followed as of this morning. Governor Newsom must be dialed-in immediately to this situation.
You can listen to the message that was delivered by clicking on this link (https://www.phonevite.com/share/?e=eyJ2IjoxLCJpZCI6MTUyNzIyMCwiaWF0IjoxNTk4ODg1NzUzLCJzIjoiNDYyYWRmOTcwYmZjNjI0ZDc4Mzc0NjFhZDhkZTI0MjYifQ).
Please visit dshabuse.org website. Please subscribe and share our various platforms including our YouTube channel (DSHABUSE) which will be updated regularly with new information. The public needs to be made aware of what’s happening inside the California Department of State Hospitals because someone you love might be sent to one of these facilities someday.

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