CDCR state prisoners abused when they are sent to Atascadero State Hospital for mental health treatment!

– DSH-Atascadero: 3/6/20, Eric Rice is a black, African American patient, age 50, who was sent to Atascadero from the California Department of Corrections as a PENAL CODE SECTION 2684 to be stabilized. He first describes being racially profiled and verbally abused by a hospital worker, who was crushing his medication, then by his physiatrist. Then, in a meeting with his psychiatrist, which Eric reported only lasted 5 minutes, he was informed by her that she was taking away his Buspar and Effexor medication he had been on for 19 years. She told him “These meds will not be sold or abused on my watch.” However, Eric reports that two other caucasian patients were receiving the same medication from this psychiatrist uncrushed, and were selling it. (an investigation by has obtained a recorded confession from one patient, Louie Walters, posted on this YouTube channel, who claims to have manipulated a medication room worker and the same psychiatrist to stop crushing his Effexor and Buspar medication so he could sell it, and he did, in fact, go on to sell that medication to other patients in exchange for commissary items). Eric further reported and he shared with his psychiatrist he was having suicidal feelings and she was very sarcastic and uncaring, telling him ” Come back when you have a plan”. This is an emotionally moving interview where Eric describes his despair and bewilderment over conditions within the PC2684 program. Finally, he talks about his fear of filing a complaint “Because it is the quickest way to be kicked out of the program”. He states that he feels he is being set up to fail due to the manner on which his psychiatrist and the PC2684 program is treating him.

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