Methamphetamine available to COVID-19 State Hospital patients; not allowed to call their attorneys.

DSH Patton: 9/1/20, in this disturbing audio interview, Tulio Grajeda, at Patton State Hospital (committed pursuant to penal code section 1370, Not guilty by Reason of Insanity), tells DSHABUSE that approximately one month ago he tested positive for COVID-19. On his unit (27), and the unit next door (26), methamphetamine was abundant to all the patients, and even offered to him. This issue was reported to OLES investigator, Andy Gregory, two months ago, however nothing was done and OLES will not agree to DSHABUSE terms and conditions for protecting investigative sources. OLES also refused to communicate with DSHABUSE by telephone. The major concern is that Patton State Hospital has the largest incidents of COVID-19 in the California Department of State Hospitals. DSHABUSE was only concerned about stopping this drug from being accessible to insane/incompetent patients because of its inherent collateral consequence of lowering one’s immune system, thus making patients more likely to die or suffer complications from COVID-19. (DSH has no interest in busting staff or patients on criminal charges, only intervening from a medical standpoint).

In addition, Mr. Grajeda reports that on the COVID-19 quarantine unit where he was transferred to patients were not allowed to touch the incoming/outgoing telephones which were off the hook. The innuendo was that police would rush in and rough them up if they touch the phones. Also, he states that a social worker told him “no legal” calls were allowed, only to specific family members.

Finally, Mr. Grajeda, stated he watched the dead patients being placed in body bags, however the staff on the COVID-19 unit did their best to care for the patients.

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