Emergency! You could be in DANGER! Patient abuse at 3 State Hospitals!

9/2/2020: At 3 California State Hospitals, patients report horrendous abuse/neglect,
including staff not wearing masks consistently and retaliation against
patient/staff whistleblowers.  Many have died!  Listen to stunning patient
interviews, secretly recorded police/staff recordings, and conference
calls on our Youtube channel (black lives don’t matter at Atascadero, insane patients assigned to sort dirty laundry at Patton and Atascadero, methamphetamine being sold to insane patients at Patton, complete chaos at Coalinga in terms of operational procedures and cover-ups).  Learn more on our website dshabuse.org.  We
urgently need your help to let the world know what is going on inside these
hospitals because nobody is currently investigating.  Imagine if you or
someone you knew or loved was there.

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