Your local community might be in danger

8/29/20: Your local community is very likely in danger from staff who work for the California Department of State Hospitals at Patton, Atascadero, and Coalinga because COVID-19 protocols for wearing of masks and cleaning units are not being followed. Also, staff are searching patient living areas and civilian clothing without wearing full PPE in spite of the fact that multiple Government agencies have been notified by At Patton State Hospital 27 staff have died according to DSH statistics reported on their website 8/17/20 which have since been removed. The staff who are not following basic COVID-19 protocols have infected patients at all three facilities and are circulating in your communities as potential pollinators of the COVID-19 virus. DSHABUSE has conducted several conference calls and interviews with patients which are posted on our YouTube channel which have been ignored by the Director of State Hospitals, Stephanie Clendenin, the California Senate Rules Committee, all 118 members of the California State Legislature who we have sent blast voice messages to, as well as multiple complaints filed with the California Department of Public Health, the office of Law Enforcement Support, and Governor Gavin Newsom.

DSHABUSE has been conducting investigations into Patton, Atascadero, and Coalinga State Hospital for several years. There are many great and wonderful staff, as well as police, who work inside these facilities who have given information and assisted in these investigations. We have uncovered systemic and operational deficiencies which are horrifying, evil, and despicable which require immediate investigation, intervention, and correction by the Legislature and the Governor. the public at large has no idea what is going on inside of these facilities, or what is being done to the most vulnerable mental health population in the State of California. DSHABUSE desperately needs the attention of various disciplines such as attorneys, doctors, psychiatrists, professors, scholars, the media, the community, disgruntled DSH staff and others who are concerned and outraged to step forward and shine a light on these issues and help us put the California Department of State Hospitals back on a proper course.

To report abuse within the California Department of State Hospitals please call our Toll free hotline (833) 836-0948. To reach the DSHABUSE director via his voicemail, please call (415) 423-0666. Please be sure to visit our YouTube channel (DSHABUSE) to listen to compelling audio files of interviews with patients, as well as recordings of DSH staff and police.

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