Coalinga State Hospital uses medication to terrorize patient whistleblower!

A patient from Coalinga State Hospital was sent to Dr. Prahalad Jajodia, a GI Specialist for treatment, and Dr. Jajodia is now being used as a mechanism to target this patient as a whistleblower who is exposing corruption within DSH.

Dr. Jajodia, has made several attempts to speak with Dr. Lawrence Williamson, M.D., to convey wishes for this patient however Dr. Williamson has refused to honor the commitment which Dr. Jajodia made with this patient who he was hired as a specialist to treat. Dr. Jajodia has been advised by DSHABUSE that he should discontinue his contract with Coalinga State Hospital because his office has made several unsuccessful attempts to resolve this matter with Dr. Lawrence Williamson as of 1:30 PM, September 10, 2020. Hospital police were notified at approximately 1:15 PM, and it was requested that an SOC-341 abuse complaint be filed. Dr. Jajodia’s office has been notified accordingly of these actions.

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