State Hospital Patients Send Protestor To Disability Rights California Office Over Inaction Regarding 200+ Dead/Lack Of Medical Care Past 15 years

Today, patients at Coalinga State Hospital hired an individual to protest on their behalf outside the Disability Rights California office, 1831 K Street, in Sacramento, between the hours of 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM. They are desperately seeking a state audit at the facility. (See the videos and photos below of the protest which took […]

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Coalinga State Hospital patient funds misappropriated by contract vendor Quality Coast

118 State Senators and Assembly Members were sent a blast voice message about this issue on 10/14/20 at 7:54am you can hear this two minute message sent via PhoneVite.com by clicking the following link: https://www.phonevite.com/share/?e=eyJ2IjoxLCJpZCI6MTUzODI5MywiaWF0IjoxNjAyNjg4NDU2LCJzIjoiMTY2MDMzY2E0NGIyMTdlODNlMGQ2OTk0MDQyMzExMjgifQ DSHABUSE has discovered that a private vendor contracted to provide commissary services to patients at Coalinga State Hospital, Quality Coast, […]

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Coalinga State Hospital ceases DSHABUSE flyers and violation of policy and law. 

Brandon Price Executive Director, of Coalinga State Hospital, ordered/allowed sworn police officers to cease U.S.Mail sent to the DSHABUSE Director, Jeff, that have nothing more than screenshots of the DSH abuse platforms. On 9/25/20, Form DSH-C 005, was issued claiming that the “Miscellaneous papers are on hold pending administrative review.” There is no such DSH […]

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Assembly Member Monique Limon blocks voice messages from dshabuse.org regarding the California State Hospital crisis!

Assembly Member Monique Limon sits on a Health Committee on the California State Legislature. On 9/17/20, dshabuse.org sent a blast voice message to all California State Senate and Assembly members suggesting that a statewide survey of all patients and staff in the California Department of State Hospitals was urgently needed to calculate the current level […]

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[2/2] (Marco Godoy) Atascadero patient describes abuse and fear at State Hospital – (032220)

-DSH-Atascadero: Marco Godoy, describes in this follow up #2/2 interview how staff at Atascadero State Hospital, were PENAL CODE SECTION 2684 patients are housed from state prison, watched handicap patients wash themselves on their hands and knees with cups of water and a broken American with disabilities (ADA) shower stall for over 3 months. This […]

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[1/2](Marco Godoy) Atascadero patient describes abuse and fear at State Hospital – (030620)

DSH-Atascadero this is interview 1 of 2, with Marco Godoy, a California Department of Corrections state prisoner, who was sent to the California Department of State Hospitals to be stabilized for serious mental illness (as a Penal Code 2684 commitment) for approximately 6-12 months. Instead of a therapeutic environment, Marco describes a place where patients […]

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911 Emergency request to Legislature to survey patients/staff regarding State Hospital conditions

California State Legislature: 9/17/20, dshabuse.org, sent an emergency blast voicemail to 118 State Senate and Assembly offices calling for a statewide survey of all California Department of State Hospital patients and staff. For at least a decade the Legislature and the Governor have ignored credible cries for help from patients, staff, and police which have […]

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DSHABUSE launches a flyer campaign to encourage patients/staff participation in reporting abuse!

Effective immediately, DSHABUSE is launching a flyer campaign to staff and patients to encourage participation in our platforms to report abuse, corruption, and systemic/operational deficiencies within the California Department of State Hospitals. At the present time, the world has no idea the gravity and magnitude of just how severe the abuse has gotten to within […]

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Coalinga State Hospital uses medication to terrorize patient whistleblower!

A patient from Coalinga State Hospital was sent to Dr. Prahalad Jajodia, a GI Specialist for treatment, and Dr. Jajodia is now being used as a mechanism to target this patient as a whistleblower who is exposing corruption within DSH. Dr. Jajodia, has made several attempts to speak with Dr. Lawrence Williamson, M.D., to convey […]

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