• Lacking vision;
  • Reactive – not proactive;
  • Disconnected from realities on the ground;
  • No direct contact/feedback with/from patients;
  • Promotions of cronies/abusive staff is routine;
  • Promotions not based on peer review, reputation to lead, or maintain a therapeutic milieu for patients/staff utilizing verifiable data;
  • Failure to have a meaningful process to independently review the performance of management or complaints against them;
  • Refusal to acknowledge fault or wrongdoing of the staff they supervise in almost all instances;
  • Fail to properly supervise and hold lower-level staff accountable for their behavior;
  • Refuse to validate patients as human beings when they complain about being abused, and assume a persona that the patient’s allegations could not possibly be true;
  • Fail to discipline lower-level staff out of fear of being targeted for termination as a supervisor;
  • Lack of advanced education or training.
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